Saturday, November 2, 2013

2 x 11 = 22


so today is 2nd November..
and i'm turn to 22 years old today..
all praise to Allah..
who give me a lot of blessings,
rizki, wonderful family and great friends..
thank you to my beloved parents..
both of you have done a lot to me..
sacrifice many things for me..
give plenty advises to me..
same goes to my siblings, brother-in-law and sister-in-law..
thank you..
to my friends out there..
thanks for accepting who i am..
thanks for those memories we shared together..
for teachers and lecturers..
thank you for sharing knowledge to me..

simple words for all, thanks for everything..
my life would be boring without you guys..
thanks for loving me..
and i love you all too.. hehe..

Ohh.. Thanks to Google for this.. :)

p/s: I LOVE YOU.. haha.. :D


eyak jerry said...

Happy birthday yo!
Aku akn gna email ni utk komen2 korg pnye blog. Harap maaf trima kasih.. :-)

eyak jerry said...

Eh lpe nk mention. Syanasyalala in d house. Hehe

Amie Amisya said...

@eyak jerry: thanks syana oii.. haha.. :D

naim fazrin said...

happy belated birthday, ami...heheheh... :)

Amie Amisya said...

@naim fazrin: thanks a lot.. hehe.. :)