Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the wedding...


firstly, i'm not getting married.. not right now.. or even in the near future.. maybe someday.. insyaAllah.. however, the wedding things are always crossed in my mind.. always become a hot topic to be discus with friends or even with the family..

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Topic: Marriage/Wedding
Group Discussion: Friends

we talk about others getting married.. the happiness that they will received, the new life they will faced and mostly is the over-flooding jealousy of the others upon hearing the news of people getting married.. yes.. those are some of the thought when the girls (usually) talk about marriage.. my friends and i do the same.. almost or could i say always.. haha.. the thing is wedding give various emotion to felt, to joy, to cherish and to celebrate it.. and when we talk with the friends, is an interesting topic yet as i mention too much emotion.. somehow we not only talk about others marriage, but also sharing the wedding fantasy.. every single person in the world (maybe) do have fantasies on their wedding and marriage life.. perhaps it is one of dream.. dream to feel the more 'adventure' life ahead, with another person in life which is spouse.. and when the 'adventure' getting bigger, the children(s) become part of it.. dramatic fantasies.. maybe.. and those fantasies are shared with the others, full with laugh to one and another, thinking about it is really gonna happen? but still, we enjoy this talking moment about wedding..


Topic: Marriage/Wedding
Group Discussion: Family

when this topic arise in family discussion it can be serious or vice verse.. depending on your age, status, environments, sibling and others causes that may come up.. nowadays, some families are really open up to talk on this topic even you're just in twenties or maybe younger.. wow.. well as i said, it depends on various matter.. same goes to my family.. as all my siblings are married, they can simply teasing me about marriage.. and not only the close family members, sometimes the uncles, aunties, grandparents also cousins were asking me when do i will get married.. those people are more to "makcik-makcik" type.. haha.. not to insult, but i felt it that way.. so, my answer would be simple, i'm still a student and insyaAllah one day.. or sometimes i didn't give an answer but a smile or laugh only.. well i don't know whether it is sincere of fake.. haha.. it based on my mood actually.. the thing is this topic sometime become a laughable matter, and sometime they treat as serious and huge matter.. well, basically what can i say from the family perspective is marriage and wedding is really serious that they also can't decide for us.. what they hope is it gonna be the best for the rest of our life.. without regret.. because family want you to be happy.. that's it..


and now is about me and marriage or wedding.. yes, me, myself.. my thought, my perspective, my own fantasy.. well it also can be influenced by others factors such as religion, family, culture and other that may arise.. upon hearing the word marriage or wedding, i have several response for it.. sometimes the happy-jealous and sometime angry-sad mode.. it differ based on the person, attitude, responsibility and others.. not judging, but marriage or wedding have different story same goes to our life.. sometime i'm happy thinking on this topic, and do hope to get married and live happily with my spouse.. but the other day i'm not into it and say to myself that i don't want to get married.. it comes from surrounding i guess.. seeing people happily married, i wanted it that way also.. but when the other story, the sad story appear i just give up without even trying it.. but, it only a thought that i have.. and i need to realize, always realize.. to put trust on Allah.. He will give the thing that we need, not want.. and He only give when we are ready enough for it.. it applied on everything in this world.. if we can handle it, then He put us through it.. and you should believe in yourself and Him.. so the marriage, i leave it on Him, but i do have my own duties right? yes, the effort.. we must show our effort on the way to it.. if we desire something good then we must do good.. always istiqomah.. insyaAllah..

the fantasy of wedding.. i do have it.. mostly what i want is a simple wedding.. can't we just avoid our culture? sometime i see it as a burden.. well, men nowadays also open their mouth and talking about the burden that arise for wedding.. so, lets us change it to be simple.. simple as we can.. so no overspending occur, and those money could be use for the future ahead.. such as children(s) or maybe health.. changes are what we need here.. hope it will be simplify and adjusted suitable to our life.. first thing first which is nikah.. important components must take into consideration first.. right? :)

p/s: i wonder if i can serve a packet of nasi lemak  and a cup of tea for my guest during my wedding, is there anyone who have thought with me? hihi~

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