Friday, May 11, 2012

The Madness of Running Man..


anyohaseyo~ today i will talk about the madness of the Running Man.. yes, Running Man.. okay, Running Man is one of Korean variety show produced by SBS. well if you want to know more about Running Man, you can get their information from Wikipedia or you go to their International Fansite, also their Facebook page Running Man (fan made). this show is totally DAEBAK! (amazing!). and I highly recommend this show for you to watch it. once you watch it, you'll addicted to it.. huhu~

Don't walk, RUN!

how did i know the existence of this show? well, a lot of my friends love Korean drama, film, music and also variety show.. so, one of my best friends, actually two, suggest me to watch this show.. they played the video of this show to me, which is episode 12. at first i'm not really interested towards this show.. but not a long after that, about two or three weeks, my another best friend have a lot of this Running Man show. so, i opened the episode 1 file, and played it and i realized that the show is not bad at all.. well, actually i start to love this show on November 2011 (more less).. this show actually had been exist in July 2010. so, i'm quite late.. oh, no.. extremely late.. even though i'm late, i have all the collection of Running Man show in my portable disk drive, and this picture (below) is the prove that i love Running Man.. woohoo~ i'm also watching the Running Man show through S One Channel (Channel 393 Astro), but the episode is a little bit late, about 3 episode late.. but, i still enjoy watching it. hehe~ plus, Running Man introduce me to others Korean celebrities, movie, drama, music and also their country and culture. totally daebak!

until now, 93 episode had been release by SBS. congratulations~

personally, i'm totally enjoy this show and the person who i love most in this show is KIM JONG KOOK, the Sparta of the Running Man, Hanamja Kookie . he is the strongest person in the Running Man and almost everybody wants him to be eliminated first specially in the Survival series. although he is a muscular man, he seem like a sensitive man. well, we should not judge the book by its cover right. well, Kim Jong Kook oppa, i love you .. hee~  i also like the Monday Couple , Gary & Ji-Hyo.. even though they already break up, i still love and wish them to be together.. hihi~  the others members of Running Man is Yoo Jaesuk the Grasshoper, HaHa the flirty member, Ji Suk Jin the Big Nose Hyung and also Lee Gwangsoo the Giraffe. not to forget the former Running Man member, Song Jong Ki the Pretty Boy.. well, combined all members together, the Running Man is totally enjoyable show to be watch (promoting the show).. hehe~ oh, the show also invited a lot of Korean celebrities as guests, such as YongHwa CN Blue, Nichkhun 2PM, SNSD, Big Bang and others. Daebak!!!

p/s: i do really hope that Running Man will come to MALAYSIA.. (well, is not only me wishing for that. hehe~)

*sorry for my very bad terrible English..


naim fazrin said...

love running man!!!! <3

Amie Amisya said...

me too~~~ haha.. :)